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Sickly And Dead Deer Showing Up Around The US: Michigan, Oklahoma, Kansas, Indiana, Iowa, Arkansas…

“LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Hundreds of deer in eight Michigan counties have died from a viral disease that is on the rise nationwide because of hot, dry weather, state officials said Thursday.

Deer infected with epizootic hemorrhagic disease, or EHD, have been found in Barry, Calhoun, Cass, Clinton, Eaton and Montcalm counties, the state Department of Natural Resources said. Experts previously confirmed the illness had killed deer in Ionia and Branch counties.

EHD outbreaks have happened in isolated sections of Michigan repeatedly since 2006. The drought and high temperatures are contributing to this year’s uptick, the DNR said.

‘We are seeing a large die-off of deer in local areas. To date we have over 900 reports of dead deer across all (eight) counties,’ stated Tom Cooley, DNR wildlife biologist and pathologist. ‘Although it is difficult to see so many dead deer, this is still a localized issue and the regional deer population should not be impacted.’” Read more.

Biologists Believe Disease Killing Deer In Oklahoma – “Officials say a sick deer found in northeast Oklahoma was dying of a bleeding disease spread by a biting gnat. Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation biologist Craig Endicott told the Tulsa World (http://bit.ly/NFC1kG) 10 other deer found dead near the Verdigris River likely had the same ailment, known as epizootic hemorrhagic disease. The virus is spread by a biting gnat. Eight deer were found last week after area residents reported seeing sick and dead deer in the river.” Read more.

Sick And Dead Deer Reported In Eastern Kansas – “The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) is asking anyone who sees a sick or dead deer to phone local KDWPT staff and report where and how many deer are involved. To help identify the extent of the disease, an online survey is also available for people to report fresh or decomposing carcasses… So far this year, KDWPT has received reports of dead or sick deer from at least 24 counties in northcentral and eastern Kansas.” Read more.

Biologists Investigate Disease Killing And Sickening Deer In Indiana – “Wildlife biologists from the Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Fish & Wildlife are investigating recent reports of sick or dead deer for possible epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD). Morgan and Putnam counties are experiencing the most intense outbreaks, but suspect reports have come from 11 counties in total. EHD is a viral disease that likely affects white-tailed deer every year, DNR deer biologist Chad Stewart said. It typically occurs during late summer and early fall, and there is evidence that outbreaks may be worse during drought years.” Read More.

Disease Killing Dozens Of Deer In Iowa– “This drought is a hassle for wildlife as well as for people and plants — from fish dying in shallow waters to deer killed by a virus carried by heat-thriving insects. Iowa Department of Natural Resources officials are warning of a threat to the state’s deer population from insects that have thrived in the dry conditions. State officials are sorting through reports of more than 40 dead deer likely killed by epizootic hemorrhagic disease, or EHD.” Read more.

Virus Suspected After Deer Found Dead In Arkansas – “A blood- and insect-borne virus that kills deer each year in August and September could kill a larger number this year because of record drought and heat in Arkansas, according to Arkansas Game and Fish Commission biologists. Three deer, all females that apparently had weaned fawns recently, were found dead this week in Marion County… The drought that has killed or stunted native and plotted grasses that deer thrive on has also made weaker deer more vulnerable to the virus, he said.”


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